At Monark, we don’t just create Artwork – we create stories…  Magical, Fantastical stories in which YOU, the client have a starring role…

We’ve worked on a number of projects to create unique and personal interior art concepts and commissioned work for a wide range of projects in and around New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific, including Edgewater Resort in Rarotonga.

As a trained Interior and Floral Designer, Karina understands the essence of your interior design project and the importance of artwork within your environment, working closely with you to enhance all the elements within your room.  She has a wide range of interests and travel experiences to call on for inspiration to blend with your ideas and concepts to create unique and one of a kind original artwork.

With work hanging in a number of different countries including New Zealand, Samoa, Rarotonga, Fiji, Australia, Canada and America to name a few… we don’t just create artwork – we help create…

YOUR artwork…


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Kind regards, Karina Fay





“You cannot hope to sweep someone else away with the force of your writing until it has been done to you” – Stephen King

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