Monark Quad Tree double bubbler with color accents. Comes with 2 quad tree percolation chambers. Also comes with a Monark Signature screen bowl in a 14mm Male.


New Monark Ball Perk Insycler

This Insycler Dab Rig comes with a Multi whole Ball perk in the base for maximum percolation. It’s definitely a bubble Stacker and with the insycler chamber built it in you can Rip it with no worries about splashing or water pulling through to your mouth. Comes with a 14mm Make 90 Degree Flat top Banger.
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Monark Pro Proxy Bubbler…

New Monark Puff Co Proxy bubbler was Designed to enhance your Proxy Experience. The shower head perk with polished popped wholes will create perfect smooth perculation you have been looking for in a attachment for your Puff Co proxy. Made on Heavy wall tubing for durability and a sleek design makes this Monark Proxy Bubbler a Must Have.

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Monark super Duty Bubbler…..

This Bubbler is super thick. The bottom of this bubbler has about 6” of xtra glass gathered and melted down to create about an xtra 1 1/2” solid bottom for durability. Also we have added a full two color down stem with polished Grided Slits for maximum percolation. Monarks new Signature full color Screen Bowl for all new Designs was also added to this bubbler as well as The Monark β€œM” Logo Embossed on the side of the beaker.
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New Monark Traveler Box Set!

The Monark Traveler comes with. 14mm male 90 Degree Monark Quartz Flat top Banger with bevel Lip and β€œM” Logo engraved on the bottom. Also a spinner cap, 2 Ruby Pearls and Monark Banger Hanger Dab Rig with shower head perk…..

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